Funeral services

Funeral homes, funeral organisation, burials

Funeral accessories

Coffins, sarcophagi, shrouds, memorial ribbons, funeral caskets and urns, folk blankets, clothes for deceased, Orthodox funeral ritual accessories

Repatriation services

The transfer of mortal remains from Lithuania to other European countries, the Schengen area, the Asian and CIS countries, the transfer of mortal remains from abroad to Lithuania, cargo 200

Funeral transport services

Catafalque, hearse services, car or bus hire for groups

Public transport services

Funeral guest group services, transfer services, public transport services

Daily morgue services

The mortuary services, deceased storage services

General-practitioner services

Certificate of death, the detection of the fact of death


Churches of all confessions in Lithuania, working times and location on a map, pastors of all faiths, contacts and locations

Funeral planners

Funeral planners and consultants, interfaith pastors, funerals according to traditions

Crematorium, cremation services

Crematoriums in Lithuania, prices and contacts of cremation facilities


Graves and cemeteries all around Lithuania, municipal and private cemeteries, working time and location on map, columbariums

Funeral services for pets

Euthanasia, storage services, cremation, pet funeral, animal cemeteries

Funeral music services

Funeral musical accompaniment - a supportive cello, violin, saxophone and other instruments or voice performance

Funeral floristry

Wreaths, sprays, bouquets, flowers baskets, coffin designs, table decorations

Funeral accessories

Candles, vases, candlesticks and holders, artificial flowers and others funeral accessories

Funeral food services

Cafe, restaurant, chef and confectioner services for funeral feast

Wholesale and retail of alcohol

Wholesale and retail of alcohol

Photo services

Photographic services, photo enhancement, photo retouching, lamination, photo framing

Photo ceramics

Manufacture of photo ceramics, metal photo or glass photo

Legal aid, lawyers

Legal advice and services, notary services in the case of inheritance

Translation services

Translation of documents, interpretation services

Postal services, express mail, special mailing services

Postal services, express mail, special mailing services

Social services

Funeral social aid services, local government benefits in the case of funeral

Psychologist, psychotherapist services

Help and support of a grieving person

Broker services, real estate appraisal, property management

Broker services, real estate appraisal, property management

Cleaning services

Cleaning services after accidents or funeral

Maintenance of cemeteries, graves, memorials

Maintenance of cemeteries, graves, memorials

Grave improvement services

Grave improvement services, plants for sale, landscape designer services

Sculptor services

Sculptures for graves - angels, birds, sculpture by the human similarities, busts, reliefs, statues

Engraving services

Engraving service at the cemetery - letters & portrait, engraving on the monument - different ornaments, flowers and landscapes

Manufacturing of monuments for cemetery

Manufacturing of monuments, stone works, tombstones, borders, headstones

Design, sketching, memorial design, 3D design services

Design, sketching, 3D design, stone design, complex design solutions

Wooden products for cemetery

Wooden crosses, benches for cemetry

Metal products for cemetery

Metal railing, candlesticks, crosses, benches, lanterns, hammersmith services

Bronze products for cemetery

Caggiati bronze, crosses, letters, numbers, bronze candle holders, vases, urns, bronze statuettes

Wholesale and other services

Wholesale services and special offers for memorial service providers